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Magnesium fluoride ( MgF2 )/CAS:7783-40-6

Product Name: Magnesium fluoride

Abbreviation: MgF₂

CAS: 7783-40-6

Molecular formula: F2Mg

Molecular weight: 62.3

Einecs: 231-995-1

Structural formula:FNa-structural-formula.png


    Magnesium fluoride is a compound of the halogen element fluorine and the metallic element magnesium. Colorless tetragonal crystal or powder, odorless, difficult to dissolve in water and alcohol, slightly soluble in dilute acid, soluble in nitric acid, magnesium fluoride has the characteristics of high melting point, difficult to dissolve in water, high thermal and chemical stability. Magnesium fluoride is a versatile material with a wide range of applications.


    Analysis Requirement
    Appearance White powder
    Purity(% by weight) ≥99.9
    Iron(Fe) ppm ≤5.0
    Cuprum(Cu) ppm ≤2
    Analysis Requirement
    Appearance Colorless transparent crystal
    granularity 1-2.5mm
    through area 0.2-6
    Refractive index/wavelength nm 1.38/0.55


    1. Magnesium fluoride is used as a co-solvent in smelting magnesium metal
    2. Magnesium fluoride is used as a flux in aluminum smelting to help control the melting point and refining process of aluminum.
    3. Magnesium fluoride is used in ceramics, glass industry and electronic industry to prepare ceramic materials, electronic materials, etc.
    4. Magnesium fluoride has important applications in the optical field and can be used as optical coating materials to improve the anti-reflective performance of optical equipment. Used as coating for lenses and filters in optical instruments.
    5. Magnesium fluoride is used as fluorescent material in cathode ray screens, refractive agent and soldering agent for optical lenses.
    6. Magnesium fluoride is used as a coating agent for titanium pigments.


    1. Keep the receptacle sealed.
    2. Place in a tight container and store in a cool, dry place.
    3. There should be a clear "drugs present" sign on the packaging. It is an inorganic drug. Should be stored in a cool, dry warehouse.
    4. Do not store or transport together with edible products.


    1. Plastic woven bags lined with double-layer plastic bags and cardboard barrels, with a net weight of 25 kg per bag/barrel.
    2. Carry out other forms of packaging according to customer needs.


    1. In the field of optics, due to its high transmittance, high refractive index and low dispersion, magnesium fluoride is often used as a material for optical lenses, windows and lenses, and is used in infrared and ultraviolet spectrometers.
    2. In the electronics industry, magnesium fluoride’s wide band gap and high temperature stability make it an ideal material for electronic and photovoltaic devices.
    3. Magnesium fluoride is also used as a raw material for ion conductive materials and electronic devices.
    4. Magnesium fluoride has a high surface energy, making it an effective catalyst carrier.
    5. In the biomedical field, due to its biocompatibility and good physical and chemical properties, magnesium fluoride is used as a drug carrier, bone repair material and bioimaging agent.
    6. Because magnesium fluoride has high hardness and high temperature stability, it is an ideal choice for bulletproof and protective materials.
    7. In the metallurgical industry, magnesium fluoride is used as an agent for molten metal and an auxiliary for ore refining to remove impurities and improve the purity of aluminum.
    8. In the ceramic and glass industries, magnesium fluoride is used as an additive to improve the properties of materials.
    9. In the field of nuclear energy, magnesium fluoride has good performance as a nuclear fuel coating material.


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